Slutty Costumes, Slappin’ Cancer, Choices and Moments

BonBon Break

A Slutty Halloween Costume Intervention

~:: Rebecca Gallagher of Frugalista ::~

I am no prude. Far be it from me to judge anyone who wants to show their midriff. (Okay, I will probably judge you, silently in my head wondering how in the hell you got those washboard abs after 3 kids.)  Even I’ve shown my midriff a few times myself for the sake of a costume and this blog.

But going to a Halloween party where there’s a lot of T & A hanging out makes me a little uncomfortable. I don’t know where to put my eyes. And if I don’t know where to put my eyes, my husband is sure going to have a tough time too.


ABOUT REBECCA: She is a wife of one, a mom of two and she drives a minivan. She might serve on the PTA, she might wear yoga pants, but don’t underestimate the cliche that is her life! These are her confessions of a middle-aged drama queen.

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How I Bitch-Slapped Breast Cancer

~:: Healthy Tatas ::~

I’ve mentioned before how I am an endurance athlete. Every year I run the Disneyland Half Marathon and have done so since it the first year it started. Last year, just 5 days after getting diagnosed with breast cancer, I ran my personal best with a time of 2:44:12 (not a great time by any stretch of the imagination, but not embarrassing either).


This year, after going through chemotherapy and radiation I had a few things working against me. First off, while I was going through radiation, I was on anti-depressants. I really wish hadn’t taken them now, since I’m pretty sure they are what zapped my energy, which I am patiently waiting to return. As a result I have done very little cardiovascular exercise for the past 6 months (again, something very unusual for me) and put on 30 lbs. Nevertheless, I really wanted to participate in this half marathon to show that I wasn’t going to let cancer ruin my life.

ABOUT RENA: Rena Marrocco was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 breast cancer in August 2011. At the time of her diagnosis she was an endurance athlete and worked out all throughout chemotherapy. Her blog, Healthy Tatas, is dedicated to women’s breast health. Besides triathlon and blogging, Rena also is an artist, writer, gardener and home cook for her family, which consist of her husband, two sons, two stepsons, three dogs and three cats. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Ethics and Morality from Loyola Marymount University.In addition to Healthy Tatas, Rena has a political blog called The Liberal Diva. You can follow her on Twitter @HealthyTatas or @TheLiberalDiva.
Rena has just committed to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by participating in the Superseal Triathlon in March. Please help with a donation, if you can.

If You Asked Me

~:: Passionate Pursuits ::~

How many times a day do you answer the casual inquiry, I’m fine? When really you want to say, I’m having curious sort of day, let me tell you about it.

It’s possible the reason you are having an out of the ordinary day is simply because you woke up full of hope and a new sense of fearlessness. It’s almost too big for you keep bottled up inside of you, but you do because you convince yourself no one would understand what you are going through or even that you’re ready to let the world in. You think to yourself, If only someone would ask me a different question.

Instead, you’ll walk away from the chance encounter with your vibrant thoughts tucked away for another day. Your shoulders will slump, your gaze will lower, and your stride will skip a beat. Your day will go on. The groceries will be bought, the laundry will be folded, and your coffee will get cold like it always does when you’re busy. When you climb into bed that night you’ll sigh with regret, wishing you had answered differently.

Next time you’re having an extraordinary day, capture the moment. Answer a question with a question, start a dialogue, share a secret about yourself, unleash your passion for the sublime. Be honest about your unusually good day. You never know, it might start a trend. If you asked me, I’d tell you what I was thinking this morning when I was in line at my local Mocha-a-go-go.

ABOUT BRENDA: Brenda Moguez, is writer embracing her inner Xena, Princess Warrior, as she tackles the list of possibilities. She favors writing a story over vacuuming the dust bunny commune growing under her bed. When she’s not sitting on her bed writing she’s thinking about writing.  She is currently finishing the second novel while shopping the first one. She’s lives in San Francisco with her family and a fat cat.  All but the cat has accepted her passion for writing. You can find her at, where she explores passionate pursuits in all its forms.

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Pressing Moments

~:: The Wink ::~

I am slowly making peace with the inevitability of forgetting things from my daughters’ childhood. We cannot slow time and we can’t film every moment. What I’ve learned we can do is build repetition of joy and togetherness, which seems to build grooves in my soul in way other events do not. It is not lost on me that in building things together we are building memories.





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