Backyard August 13 2012

BonBon Break

HERE’S WHY :::  The Wink

Every day I face a choice: do I roll with it or do I fight it? Some days it’s a very easy decision, other days it can be more complicated. A while back I learned that there is a very simple solution for me—a garden. Workouts, ugly cries, extravagant shopping excursions, none of them can touch to peace that is time in my garden.

Watering the plants is my worship. The smell of the water from the garden hose, the way my thumb shakes with exertion from making the water spray wide, to the way the cold droplets play rat a tat tat on my feet. I lose myself in the unhurried caretaking of the plants that will contribute to feeding my family.

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About Amanda: She is using her Pacific Northwest roots to raise three daughters in the Adirondacks while running an ad agency and a retail shop with her husband. She believes in eating organic, but has an abiding love for all manner of bacon ingestion. She’s been blogging and worshipping her kids since 2004. Follow Amanda on FacebookTwitter or email.

HIKE IS NOT A 4-LETTER WORD ::: Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

I’ve heard that you should never use the word “hike” when you go out for an adventure with your children. I’ve seen it suggested that you use words like “expedition,” or “journey” – even “a big wild adventure,” but never “hike.” What would happen in your family if you used the “H-word” with your children? Would you hear squeals of delight or cries of protest?

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About Tanya: Tanya is the mom of a spunky 3 year old boy and wife to an amazing husband, partner and friend.  She lives in Calgary, Canada at the doorstep to the fabulous Rocky Mountains.  Her family makes it a priority to get out to the mountains most weekends year round for awesome adventures from camping to hiking, backpacking, and skiing.  Family time is a number one priority for Tanya and you can read about her family’s adventures on her blog, Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies.

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How safe are you during a thunderstorm while camping? Are you safe in a tent or RV? John Jensenius, NOAA’S Specialist on Lightning Safety, answers these questions and more. Mr. Jensenius has appeared on the Today Show, the CBS Early Show and The Weather Channel.

Some of these facts may shock you. There are so many misconceptions regarding lightning. Mr. Jensenius seperates the facts from the fiction.


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About Tiffany:  Tiffany loves tent camping and cane pole fishing with her husband and three crazy, camping kids.  When she not camping you can find her on her family camping blog,, where she shares her adventures in camping and motherhood, from pitching tents to pitching fits.  You’ll find camping tips, camping recipes, gear reviews and lots of laughs.  Join her there anytime, around the campfire.

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BACKYARD BBQ BIRTHDAY BASH ::: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

This past week was my daughter’s 10th birthday!
(on a side note, I just can’t believe she’s 10.  I mean I’m still 25 right?!)
I swore I would never have another birthday party hosted at our home,
but she really really wanted to have her friends here for her special day!
I couldn’t resist…if she still wants to hang out at home, I’ve got to go with it!
So what to do?!
10 is a tough age for parties…they’re not quite little kids anymore, but they’re not teens yet either.
This makes it kind of tough to plan activities – I didn’t want it to be too babyish, or too old for her either.
So we decided on a Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash!

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About Jo-Anna:  Hi I am Jo-Anna! Career-gal-turned-busy-mom! In my quest to raise my family at home, I have traded power lunches for play dates, and fast food for fresh food! When I can find a moment (in the midst of three kids and a husband) I am the blogger behind “A Pretty Life in the Suburbs“, an online hub where I write about things I loves to cook, bake, create and decorate. I hope to inspire a love of living life in a yummy kind of way!

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