Backyard July 23 2012

BonBon Break


In case you haven’t heard, spending time outside is good for you. Among other things, being in nature helps kids develop a sense of wonder, self, independence and a connection to the planet. Unfortunately, today’s kids aren’t doing it nearly enough.

The good news is that exploring the great outdoors doesn’t have to be limited to hiking, camping or heading to the mountains for a weekend getaway (though those are all fine ideas). Connecting with nature is as simple as heading out the back door. Why not try one of these ideas in your very own yard?

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About Debi:

Debi Huang is a Los Angeles-based wife, mom and adventure guide for two young boys. Her blog at Go Explore Nature is all about getting kids and families outdoors and connected to nature – whether in your own backyard or beyond.

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A SIMPLE WAY TO ATTRACT BENEFICIAL BUGS ::::                           Herban Gardener

If you’re an organic vegetable gardener, or just a lazy cheapskate-type gardener (or both like me), then beneficial insects are at the top of your list. They’re easy, they’re free, they do the work for you. For example, I’ve never found a better way of controlling aphids than relaxing in the shade with a cup of tea and letting the wasps eat them off one by one. All you need to do is lure the beneficials in by making your garden as irresistible as possible.

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About Lindsey: Lindsey blogs at Herban Gardener and believes that homesteading is, foremost, a mindset — independent of location or living situation. She and her hubby live in an ordinary urban neighborhood in sunny Colorado where they garden organically, hang clothes out to dry, brew kombucha, make sauerkraut, forage the back-alleys of the city, maintain a no-car household, and strive each day for simplicity and contentment.


The camping personality is very complex, yet there have been very few studies published on the subject…until now. I have done extensive research and observation on the characteristic traits of each type of camper. Do not be alarmed if you identify these character traits in your friends or (gasp) in yourself. Learn to easily identify the Adventure Camper, the Vanishing Parent Camper, Camping Diva and many more.

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About Tiffany: Tiffany loves tent camping and cane pole fishing with her husband and three crazy, camping kids. When she not camping you can find her on her family camping blog,, where she shares her adventures in camping and motherhood, from pitching tents to pitching fits. You’ll find camping tips, camping recipes, gear reviews and lots of laughs. Join her there anytime, around the campfire.

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