When Google Fails by Full of It

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When Google Fails by Full of It

As much as I like to pretend I know everything, there are some questions my kids ask that just plain stump me. When that happens, I usually resort to my standby resource, Google, for help.

Google seems to have every answer to every question you could ever have, or at least point you towards the right trail.

You can use Google to find out anything from the conversion of tablespoons to cups, to the location of Kiribati, to the name of that actor in that awful movie you blindly selected from Netflix.

Sometimes my kids ask me who invented an everyday item, like soap, and I have no freakin’ clue.

So what do I do? Turn to Google.

Or, they want to know how elevators are made. Again, I am clueless.

What do I do? Turn to Google.

Or they want to know the difference between a seal and a sea lion. I come up empty.

What do I do? You know the rest.

Nine out of ten times, Google steers me in the right direction. But that one time Google didn’t? The result was an epic failure.

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