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How to Teach Your Kids To Eat by Our Lady of Second Helpings


It is hard raising our kids to be good eaters when you yourself may be a picky eater!! Don’t kibosh their creativity or snub their enthusiasm to try something that you might not like the sound or look of. Let them experiment!! You will love this article on How To Teach Kids To Eat!! My daughter never knew that I didn’t like baked beans until recently and they are one of her absolute favorites. ~Tara


“Pop Quiz!

Your child has made up their own recipe. Now it is time for a taste test. What do you do?

“Look! I put jelly on my peas! Want to try it?”

Answer: YES! Enthusiastically and emphatically! Open wide and get ready for the choo-choo it is time for an Adventure Bite!”



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How to Teach Your Kids to Eat


SONY DSCABOUT ROSE: “Rose McAvoy is a real life biggest loser. While shedding 145+ pounds she began a mission to teach the joy of eating for weight loss. Her approach to eating features colorful vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. She always leaves room for something sweet.

A mother of two young boys, Rose is passing her new approach along to her children. She believes food can be kid-friendly without being kid-food.

In addition to blogging, Rose is a regular columnist for the Everett Herald. She has demonstrated her lightened recipes multiple times on television. Rose and her husband, Mike (-170+lbs), are featured Weight Watchers Success Stories.”


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