All-Natural Anti-bacterial Spray by Nature’s Nurture

BonBon Break

Did you know that anti-bacterial products can actually cause more harm than good? Killing “99.9% of bacteria” is not necessarily a good thing. Not to mention some of the toxic ingredients that are found in these products. The good news is you can make your very own, all-natural anti-bacterial spray at home, using nothing but water and essential oils!

About SARAH: Sarah is a school teacher turned stay-at-home wife and mama with a passion for all things simple, natural, and homemade. She loves the natural world, and believes the solutions to many of the world’s ailments lie in nature. Her blog, Nature’s Nurture, began as a way to document her family’s journey to a greener home, but has since become a thriving community and resource for anyone wishing to break away from the mainstream, and lead a more natural, sustainable life.

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