Apple Pie Bites by Plant Food Fabulous

BonBon Break

A year ago this blog started with apple pie. We live on an apple orchard, and making my apple pie had become a tradition at the annual preschool potluck. This year we could not make it to the potluck, so I decided to reinvent the pie into these little apple pie bites, which were sent for our turn on snack day. They are super cute, perfectly bite sized, (which frankly is a bit dangerous when you keep popping them like chips) and very kid friendly. We used apples from our orchard, which really seems to make them even more special. Little Man made sure to tell all the kids in his class all about it, at length and in detail apparently.

ABOUT ANGELIKA: I am Angelika Mitchell, a thoroughly blessed working mother who lives in the scenic California wine country with my wonderful husband, our two kids, and a dog. I am also a 20 year vegetarian who enjoys decadent and delicious vegetable based meals. This isn’t the hippie food of the 60′s we’re cooking, but rather a Mediterranean influenced whole food diet. We eat what we grow, what we pick up from the local farm, and what we find in season and tempting at the local market. I have no formal training other than pulling at the apron stings of the earlier generations of my family. (I had some magnificent teachers!) Cooking is my relaxation, my artistic outlet, and my communion with the divine, and sometimes it actually turns out pretty good!

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