Awesome Summer Parties with a Little Help from eBay

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

You can hear it now. “Hoooooney? I was thinking we could have a few friends over for a little bbq or something?” You try to state it delicately like it is no big deal, however, you are just waiting for the…. “Ya, sure. That would be fun.”


Ok, menu planning time! He makes KILLER BBQ chicken and then I can make the slaw that Jill likes and the drinks, I could make one or two or three from our collection of favorite cocktails and some beer and mocktails and water. Ok, I will put them in the cooler…wouldn’t it be cool if I could put them in one of those big aluminum bins? I know I would use it again and again and again. Hmmmm.


We should have some vegetarian options and gluten free and dairy free. Time for some BBQ recipe inspiration!


The kids had such a great time when we made ice cream together. That would definitely be a crowd pleaser. I guess this is a family party now and it sounds like we are going to have a lot of food…so…maybe…we just invite the neighborhood?


You see the pattern here? Before you know it, you are up to your eyeballs in planning and chances are you will need a thing (or 10) for your party.

Enter eBay. Guess what kids? You don’t have to bid for everything on eBay anymore. Really. They have this awesome section called “eBay Deals” where you can buy items at a incredible savings every day. Wouldn’t you know it? I put together a little guide of 10 Kitchen Gadgets for Summer Cookouts so you can get a taste for the awesome deals you can grab AND you can be ready to throw that little shindig this summer. If that isn’t inspiration enough, check out the Home and Garden section. Just warning you, you might get stuck in there for awhile. Perfect party planning on-the-fly. Cheers!


Tell us your MUST HAVE items for summer parties in the comments below.

More Summer Inspiration:


It always starts small and then builds and builds until you need to buy ever party supply and kitchen gadget under the sun to get ready for your summer backyard bbq, cookout, potluck or block party. Ebay can help.

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