Small World Play: Frog Pond by Sense of Wonder

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frog pond light table activities

The family took a trip to the zoo this week and, as always, the children begged to go through the gift shop on our way out. They picked out an assortment of colorful plastic frogs to bring home.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to create this fun small world scene.
I have found that creating a small world scene sparks the imaginations of my children. It is an invitation to play in a way that they may have not thought about before, but the result is always a play experience far more exciting that I could have ever imagined. The light box is just an added element which makes the entire experience that much more exciting.

KristinABOUT KRISTIN: My name is Kristin and I have been working with young children for over 10 years. I love art, nature, science, storytelling, children’s songs, pie, strange holidays, big messes, mismatched socks, baby feet, ice cream, thrift stores, state parks, cold beer, live music, church picnics, old friends, mud pies, Rachel Carson,  family reunions, hot coffee, Harry Potter, watermelon, play based learning, and sleeping, but not necessarily in that order. I am the author at Sense of Wonder, where I write about parenting, children’s activities, and open ended play.  I am striving to raise three children with creative spirits, open hearts, and a sense of wonder about the world around them.

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