Praying for Justice and Equality this Pesach by Adventurous Moms

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Praying for Justice and Equality this Pesach

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Praying for Justice and Equality this Pesach support same sex marriageWith the U.S. Supreme Court hearing two landmark cases this week concerning same-sex marriage, I can’t help but reflect on my own marriage to another woman. Last night, as we celebrated Passover with good friends, we spoke about social justice issues. Pesach is a time for reflecting on the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery and oppression in Egypt, as well as modern-day injustice and inequality. I can’t help thinking it is no coincidence that the Supreme Court is hearing these important court cases on the first two days of Passover. While our marriage is legally recognized in our home state of Massachusetts, our union lacks federal recognition and protection. The decisions of the court will directly impact my, my wife, and our two-year old daughter.

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