Rain, Rain Go Away (Or Put on Your Boots and Go Out and Play)

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Rain, Rain Go Away (Or Put on Your Boots and Go Out and Play)

~:: Perspective Parenting ::~

Get on boots and playOnce upon a time, on a seasonably warm and rainy Sunday afternoon, I sat in my living room reading my latest book club book feeling incredibly proud that I might actually have something to contribute to the next discussion. It had been months, maybe a year actually, since I had read a book to completion for book club. And then I heard it, the creak of the door to the mudroom and then the slam of the door leading to the garage.


My son had escaped.


I sent my daughter to go find him, as it was pouring rain outside. As she opened the door I heard her yell my son’s name in her usual annoyed tone. Then silence for a while and giggling laughter passing beneath the window I sat near.

ABOUT LYNN: She  is a mother of 2 young children and a professional school counselor to adolescents. She shares her perspectives regularly on everyday parenting concerns based on professional counseling experience fused with personal parenting experiences, using a blend of humor and reality.

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