Why I Take My Sick Kids Outside by Tales of a Mountain Family

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Why I Take My Sick Kids Outside

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    Why I Take My Sick Kids Outside by Tales of a Mountain FamilyWe’ve been a little down and out around here the past week or so. The kids have been fighting fevers which has then translated into not sleeping well and therefore all of us stumbling through the day (or week) in a daze. As ANY parent knows, it simply isn’t fun.

It got me thinking a lot about how sick my kids are and how that translates into how much time I let them spend outside. I started to wonder if people that KNEW they were really sick would question my motives as a mom when they saw us out walking or playing in the yard. I could just see the questions forming: ”shouldn’t you be home?”; “shouldn’t they be camped out on the couch?”; “they don’t LOOK sick!”

But, here’s the thing: I FULLY believe that fresh air helps their ability to get well faster than any amount of couch time could…

ABOUT AMELIA:  Amelia and her husband live at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park with their two young (and super active) sons. They love hiking, biking, skiing, laughing and exploring. She writes over at Tales of a Mountain Mama about their own lessons learned, tips and tricks from the trail, and about life as an outdoor family with young children. They also aim to share the best and most ingenious gear out there for families and have tons of giveaways also!

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