If You Take a Mom to BlogHer by Kathy Radigan

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If You Take a Mom to BlogHer

~:: by Kathy Radigan ::~

If you send a mom to BlogHer, she is going to have to pack her suitcase.


While she goes through all her carefully selected outfits for the blogging conference, she is going to realize that she desperately needs a new pair of shoes.


Before she goes to the store to get her new shoes, she will do a load of laundry because her kids have run out of clean underwear since she has been so busy working on her blog that she hasn’t done much laundry (or cleaning, or dusting, or anything else domestic).


After she puts the laundry in the washer, she is going to pass the hall mirror and notice that she totally forgot to get her hair cut or her roots done and she is leaving for BlogHer tomorrow.


As she goes to call the hair salon to see if they can squeeze her in, she is going to see her computer and decide to quickly check her email.


An hour later she looks up and now really panics since she has less than two hours before her kids get home from camp so she needs to head out…NOW.


When she turns on the car she is going to notice that it’s almost out of gas.


As she waits on line for gas, she gets a text reminding her about an orthodontist appointment that her son has on Friday.


After she pays for the gas, she is going to pull the car over so that she can cancel the appointment because when she made the appointment she forgot that she would be at BlogHer and she fears her husband is not ready for the executive move of going to the orthodontist with all three kids.


Finally getting to the store, she is going to notice that she has only a little over an hour before the kids get home from camp.


Fearing that she will be late for the kids, she runs to the shoe department .


While running to the shoe department, she is going to trip and fall on the floor.


When she gets up from the floor, she is going to notice a dress that she knows is much better for BlogHer than the five she has already bought weeks ago.


While paying for the dress, a scarf and a pair of earrings that the sales lady convinced her she must own, she is going to get a call from the hair salon with good news; If she can be there in 15 minutes she will be able to go to BlogHer with hair cut and colored.


Now extremely happy, she quickly leaves the store determined to go to BlogHer with great hair.


On the way to her car, she is going to realize that she only has a half hour before the kids come home from camp.


She is going to quickly call her own mom to see if she would be able to pick up the kids from camp.


Thrilled that her mom can pick up the kids, she puts her packages in the car and quickly gets to the hair salon.


When she gets to the hair salon, she is going to have to spend most of the appointment apologizing for the sorry state of her hair and the fact that it’s been more than a few months since she has had the time to get it done. After all, she is busy with her site, which is why she is going to BlogHer to begin with.


Thrilled that her hair is done and feeling very good about herself, she gets back in her car and heads home to happily find that her mom has fed the kids and gotten them all ready for bed.


Feeling a little guilty that she hasn’t see the kids all day, especially since she is going to be away for a few days, she takes the time to read everyone a few extra stories and gets her sweet brood of chicks happily off to sleep.


She takes a big breath, marveling at how she got everything accomplished that day.


And that is when she is going to go in her room and see the shopping bag that holds all of her new purchases, and she notices that her suitcase is still on the bed, waiting to be packed.


I'll be wearing cute shoes to BlogHer '12

As she starts to pack everything that she so carefully chose for BlogHer, it is going to dawn on her that…


She still, desperately, needs a new pair of shoes.



ABOUT KATHY: Kathy Radigan is the CCO and Cofounder of Bonbon Break. Her first love was acting and singing which she pursued until the desire to pay her bills became stronger. She left her job as an assistant in a Venture Capital firm when she and her husband had their first child in 1998 and has been enjoying and immersed in the raising of their three children ever since.

When Kathy and Joe’s youngest child started kindergarten in the fall of 2010 their children’s schools went paperless. Kathy begrudgingly got her first email address and became a full fledged mom blogger a few weeks later. Her site, My Dishwasher’s Possessed, posted a weekly essay for two years. She loved exploring her funny, messy and hectic family life that includes two boys with learning issues, a daughter with significant special needs and a crazed appliance. Kathy decided to unplug the dishwasher this fall in order to fully enjoy her work with Bonbon Break and occasionally throw a load of laundry in! Though she’s happy, her dishwasher isn’t and refuses to even pretend to be a normal appliance.

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