Road Trips: Packing My Suitcase

Val Curtis
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What? I am thinking about packing my suitcase while preparing for a road trip? The short answer is YES. Since we were packing for over 3 weeks and multiple climates during the summer, my initial pile had enough clothes for 3 months; however, I quickly whittled it down to what would fit in a small, albeit heavy, suitcase.

What did I have? I will be honest, a TON of clothes from Aventura Clothing and some other goodies. Why? Because it is lightweight, comfortable, easy to dry and wash and I always feel good in it. After several days of heat waves and rainstorms, that last bit can feel like a reach. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

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Pilar Tank

I have the Pilar Tank in three colors and it is a go-to year round. Recently, I just purchased ANOTHER white one because the one I had for two years was starting to look a little worn out since I wore it so much.

Kyle Wrap

The Kyle Wrap is another one that is perfect year round. Throw it on over a sundress, tank top, or whatever you have on. It is lightweight and can function as a cardigan. Yes, I have this one in 2 colors and I have gone through 2 in dark gray. Again, because I wear it so much and because my dryer ate my first one (that story is for another day).

Pearson Tank

I really really really love this tank. One, the color. Two, it has a criss-cross in the back that allows you to look cute AND wear a bra without the straps being all over the place. This with the Kyle Wrap and a pair of capris = Golden.

Posing at Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone


Poet Tank


This is another tank that I love for the same reason. Here’s the deal. You can be comfortable AND be coordinated. Aventura’s pieces coordinate so well. I am no longer in the clothing rut where everything is black. I do like it during the Fall / Winter though. I won’t lie.

Arden Capri

I know. I know. I just said I was moving away from black, but THESE are amazing. I own two pairs in black and one in a khaki color. These were awesome throughout Costa Rica and they were my uniform on this trip. They have officially been part of my summer uniform for three years now. COMFORT and so dang cute.

Scout Capri

Aren’t you proud of me? A splash of color and these are really comfy, too. Now watch this color magic (and be impressed).

Oh, wait, not that one. I am camouflaged within my own van here. The kids still found me. heh heh.

There we go. So easy. So comfy (even at 101 F – kinda).

Carrick Dress

This dress was GREAT for long days. It just flows with you.  It is 48 rayon from bamboo/47 modal/5 spandex jersey. Perfect, right? And even though it has a cute peek-a-boo back, it is bra-friendly. This transfers great to every other season with the Redford Jacket and a pair of black leggings. A favorite outfit of mine, but I kept the warmer elements out of my suitcase.


Gia Dress

Isn’t this adorable?!? I mean really!? Yes, it is a far leap from my usual black and every time I wore it, I received compliments. EVERY TIME. Do yourself a favor and add one to your wardrobe. It is awesome for hot days and a great layering piece as well. It’ll make ya feel a little sassy.

Callister Reversible Skirt

This was my poolside skirt and more. I truly adore it. It is soft, comfy, it dries quickly and the pattern is really flattering. Also? Not black. So there.

Sonnet Skirt

I have this skirt in two colors and that wraps up my suitcase! I had so many others to add in, but these were my key items. Oh yes, I had other things.

Underwear – I took 5 pairs and let’s just say we made a stop for all of us at Target before the trip was over.

Socks – 5 pairs to wear with my runners. See above.

Bras – I took two that are traditional and three sports bras. Again, comfort was key.

Baseball cap and a floppy sun hat – we were in a LOT of sun and both were great for bad hair days. Humidity + curly hair = something I did not bring product for.

Yoga pants – 2 pair of black and I was glad I had them.

Layering tanks – I packed 5. I just can’t go anywhere without these.

Lightweight pajamas – I packed two pairs and on really hot nights, the layering tanks did the job.

Swimsuit – I bought it on Amazon and I really, really love it. With the Kyle wrap and a skirt, I was ready to go. It is flattering and I can do everything from wade in rivers to kayak to waterslide in it. To me, that’s perfect. I am not about the perfect tan anymore. This is everything.

Shoes – a pair of runners, a pair of flip flops, a pair of Keens and these, my summer uniform shoes:

Clarks Leisa Higley

Leave a comment below about your MUST PACK items and I will send a 60% off Aventura Coupon to the first 10 comments!


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