Perfect Reading Spot by The Honey Can’t List

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Perfect Reading Spot by The Honey Can't List

Looking for another motivator to get the kiddos to want to read? Our kids love to make a whole adventure out of it.  Making a fort with way too many pillows is ideal. So when we envisioned this tent we knew it would be the perfect place for them to cozy up with a good book and blanket. Who wouldn’t want to, right?  It’s an inexpensive and easy project to make that the kids can even be a part of the process.  Stop over and see how easy it truly is to create The Perfect Reading Spot for your little ones.


both-edited-235x300ABOUT SARAH & SUSIE: Sarah and Susie are the writers and creators behind The Honey Can’t List.  They are two sisters that are blessed to be stay at home moms. They love to look around them and find ways to beautify their homes and make life super fun for their kids. They really are growing up too fast. They grew up in a home where their Dad fixed everything, if it was broken he would read a book and figure out how to fix it himself. This is something he passed on to them. They love figuring things out (even if it might take us a little longer), learning new skills and using the ones we have to make our homes better places.


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