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hot pad caddy

This is something every bag should have! A little caddy for all those small but important things we carry in our purses: bandaids, sunscreen, bobby pins, pain relievers…anything! It’s awesome to be prepared on the go and this is seriously a simple and convenient way to organize all those little things. We’ve seen purse caddy’s for up to $60! So happy to say, this works perfectly for a small fraction of that price! We’ll show you how to make a smaller one too, perfect for the kids! ¬†Ready to make your own?!



ABOUT MELANIE & STEFFANY: Melanie & Steffany organize, paint, sew, re-purpose, craft with kids, and even create short and simple video tutorials. They are sisters by marriage who laugh a lot, love to share real life projects, share their successes and even some craft failures.

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