How To Make A Barnwood Towel Rack for Under $1 by City Farmhouse
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How To Make A Barnwood Towel Rack for Under $1

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How To Make A Barnwood Towel Rack for Under $1 by City Farmhouse

While at a yard sale last summer, I discovered an incredible find. My neighbor up the road had random pieces of wood for sale. He explained that they were original to the barn on the property. My eyes immediately connected to a beautifully aged piece off to the side. He only charged me 75 cents!

I was so excited to score this authentic piece of barnwood. For a long time I pondered what to do with it, since it was an original piece dating back 80 years I wanted to be sure before I altered it.

After months in hibernation I finally made a creative decision to make this Barnwood Towel Rack & the best part, because I recycled most of what I used for this project it cost me less than $1.

This was one of the easiest projects I have done. The result exceeded my expectations. Would you like to make one?

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