5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint Color by Thistlewood Farm

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I don’t work for a paint company.

I have not gone to paint color school.

What I am…..though…..is so much better.  I am the person who has painted and repainted and repainted rooms because I couldn’t figure out the answer to this simple question,  “Why did the paint color in the store not look like the paint color on my wall?”

If you are a paint color expert….this post is not for you.  

If you have ever stood in front of a paint chip display and closed your eyes and pointed….please read the following:

thistlewoodfarmABOUT KARIANNE: KariAnne writes the lifestyle blog, Thistlewood Farm from the back porch of her turn-of-the-century farmhouse in the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky. She lives with her husband, four children, two dogs, three cats, a giant tortoise, rabbits, deer and a family of turkeys.

KariAnne loves to paint mismatched chairs, listen to the crickets singing in the back pasture, walk hand-in-hand with her knight-in-shining armor as the sun sets over the river and drink sweet tea with lime during a thunderstorm.

And she has never met a yard sale sign she didn’t like.

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