Earthworms, Name Puzzles and Pasta Letter Hunt

BonBon Break

Wormy Experiment: Light & Dark

~:: STEM Mom ::~

Earthworms don’t have eyes, they live in the dark, they’re even called “nightcrawlers.” So, the question is, “Can earthworms see light?” Darci the STEM Mom suggests allowing your child to find an answer himself. She explains how to set out various materials, engage the child with the question, and then allow them to test their idea. This Light/Dark experiment is one in a series of worm experiments designed as part of a kindergarten unit. A free science lab notebook printable is included so your child can organize his/her thoughts and data, just like a real scientist!


ABOUT DARCI:’s mission is to provide a community where public, private, and homeschooling teachers can connect and share inquiry science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities. Darci’s passion is helping kids of all ages learn about the process of science, rather than the facts.  Because she homeschools her young children, teaches high school, and provides professional development for teachers, articles in the same week may vary from the science behind glow-in-the-dark oobleck (geared to preschoolers, but fun for any age)—to sharing a high-school lab where students must remove the “contaminates” from a pseudo marine oil spill.

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easy name puzzle

~:: Happy Hooligans ::~

 I like to make these name puzzles at the beginning of the season for the children in my daycare. The puzzle is a fun way to help them with letter recognition, and to help prepare them for learning how to spell their name. I love to cut the letters out of wallpaper samples, as the colours, patterns and textures add interest to the activity. Ask at your local paint and wallpaper shop if they have outdated wall-paper books that they no longer use. I always find that the local shops here are happy to have me take them off their hands. The pages can be used for so many projects, and the quality of the paper is so much better than pricey scrap-book paper!


ABOUT JACKIE: I’m a Mom of two boys, and a Home Daycare Provider to an amazing bunch of little people I lovingly refer to as the Hooligans. At my daycare we’re all about simple but creative play, and spending time in the great-outdoors. My passion is dreaming up crafts and activities that will keep the Hooligans learning, laughing and exploring their world through good, old-fashioned play.

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Pasta Letter Hunt

~:: Little Moments ::~

I used to work for an agency that required me to be inside many different child care centers, and I saw teachers doing amazing things with children. One of my favorite things I saw helps with letter recognition, focus, and fine motor skills, or as I like to say, exercising your writing fingers; it’s a pasta letter hunt, an easy set up for a child to explore.




ABOUT HEATHER: Heather created Little Moments to share her passion for early childhood education with others. She has worked with children under the age of five in various capacities for nine years and currently stays at home with her two boys. As a military wife she loves having the opportunity to explore new surroundings with her family each time they move. In her spare time she loves to run, hike, travel, bake, read, try new wines, rearrange furniture, and beat her husband at Scrabble.

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