The Vase, Political Jargon and Life Lessons

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The Vase

~:: Michelle Lewsen of They Call Me Mummy ::~

Motherhood is a scary and incredible privilege. We are entrusted with precious lumps of clay and given precious few years to mould them into beautiful works of art. It’s our responsibility to guide them, shape them and add colour to them. It’s our job to ensure that when we are finished our work on them, they are strong and beautiful. We sometimes need to poke and prod, turn up the heat and push our children into situations that make them uncomfortable, and in doing so, we teach them that we believe in their potential.


  When Michelle is not drowning under a mountain of laundry, she writes commercials and yells (gently and encouragingly) at her children. She loves her three little people more than she ever believed was possible. Oh, and her house is not Pinterest-worthy.

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I’ve contracted APP, and it’s every bit as terrible as it sounds

~:: Catharsis by Laura ::~

Angry Political Perspective (APP) is a serious medical condition affecting thousands of Americans.  Not to be confused with OPP, no one’s down with APP.  Many sufferers report an unwavering and sometimes illogical loyalty to their presidential candidate of choice, a loyalty often resulting in subsequent alienation of family and friends and a general sense of emotional instability.  While symptoms can be mentally and socially debilitating, recovery is possible.  Think you might have contracted APP?  Don’t fret.  There IS hope.


ABOUT LAURA: Laura is a wife; mother to two young boys, one of whom is a pediatric stroke survivor; high school English teacher; and domestic disaster. When she’s not neglecting the laundry, letting her children watch too much TV, and pretending to be a writer, she takes Masters classes, maintains her blog, Catharsis, and is a featured parenting and education contributor for Yahoo! and Examiner.

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10 Life Lessons

~:: Only You ::~

In August I fell off my husband’s bike while he was out of town with our only car. Stressed, scattered, and sleep deprived, I went to get my son from camp with the plan to ride back together on our bikes. I never made it as in a fluke accident I flew off the bike and broke my tibia. I ended up needing surgery, getting screws put in, and becoming immobile for the next 8 weeks (and counting). And yet…this is the best thing to have happened to me since I became a mother. Here, the lessons these 8 weeks have taught me about control, marriage, friendship and life…

ABOUT CECILIA: Cecilia is a late bloomer in life, from becoming a mother to writing to learning how to swim, all after the age of 35. The common thread to these (relatively) late achievements? Confidence. Sometimes it takes a few years or 10 or 20 to really develop it.

She’s the proud mother of an early blooming 8 year old (who already has twice the confidence she will in 10 years), and she runs a business with her husband, with whom she has been 24/7 for 11 years minus one day, that one day being the day he was out of town and she broke her leg. She writes about motherhood, marriage and self at Only You.

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