Walnut Fairies, Jersey Bike Rides & Succulent Gardens

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~:: Curly Birds ::~



ABOUT HELEN: Helen Bird is the creator of Curly Birds, (curlybirds.typepad.com) a blog devoted to crafts for children and the art of play. The blog is aptly named for her sweet, curly-haired identical twin girls. Helen, her husband, and girls enjoy picnics, tea parties, gardening and general family fun in Tennessee.

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Biking New Jersey

~:: Riding NYC with Amy ::~

Last weekend I was back on my bike with Bike New York riding through parts of New Jersey. Oh, poor New Jersey, they always get a bad rap – from their beaches that cost to enjoy, from the hundreds of toll roads, from the full service gas stations where you wait and wait to get your gas, from the high bridge tolls into NYC and I’m sure the Housewives of New Jersey series isn’t boosting the state’s reputation either. It has to be tough to shine when you are only a stone’s throw away from one of the most dynamic cities in the world! Well I’m here to say, it’s not that bad and actually quite beautiful.



About Amy: Amy, author of Riding NYC with Amy, is a wife, teacher, cyclist and city mom. She blogs about living a happy healthy lifestyle, parenting strategies from personal experiences, educational tips for parents, ideas for the family home, life in a metropolitan city with kids, and whatever inspires her while hoping to inspire you. In her spare time she enjoys cycling, reading, traveling, and finding the next adventure for her family, because family time cannot be a side note in today’s bustling world. Find out more and follow Amy on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

~:: Stitcherati ::~

Whenever I see succulent plants, it reminds me of my grandparents’ sun-drenched patio garden in Arizona. I was recently inspired to bring a little bit of the Southwest to my Northeastern home, so I took a trip to Home Depot and picked up a few small succulent plants and made a couple of planters for my windowsill. Not only were they simple to assemble, but they also proved to be just as easy to care for. If you have ever wondered how you can create your own Southwestern-inspired indoor succulent garden, follow this easy step-by-step tutorial.




ABOUT TRESSA: Tressa is a New York City-based graphic designer and creator of The Stitcherati, a craft blog. She hails from a family of crafters. Her mother is a quilter, her father a woodworker and her sister, a knitter and sewer. Tressa started hand-sewing dresses for Barbies with remnant swimsuit fabric at 8-years old. Since then, she learned how to cross-stitch, create mosaics, decoupage, knit, crochet and sew. In her blog, she shares her craft successes and failures, the latter so you can learn from her mistakes.
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