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BonBon Break

How to Make an Egg Carton Train

~:: Kristina Hoy of Icing & Crumbs ::~

I sometimes clean with a garbage bag. I carry it around from room to room, emptying drawers, cupboards and shelves. Freeing up a space where before was just clutter. Emptying the house of the old and beginning the day anew.


But not everything is thrown out. There are some things, which although sit empty and used, are kept aside for later – to be created with and given a new beginning.


Egg cartons are one of these special items. Their sturdy shape makes them perfect for simple construction projects. So today, we decided to give several egg cartons a new beginning by making them into a colourful toy train.


ABOUT KRISTINA: Born and bred in Australia (with several years also spent living in the mid-west of the US),  she now lives on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii. She is the mother of two beautiful, young children. Kristina is passionate about cooking and teaching her children the importance of healthy eating; from trying to grow things in the garden, to creating simple meals and treats. Follow Kristina on Facebook and Pinterest.



Busy Bags…We’ve Switched To Cloth!

~:: Small Potatoes ::~

It was brought to my attention that plastic bags are not the best idea for storing all of my fun activities. At first, my reaction was “hmph…not using plastic bags just means more work for me!!” I was not impressed. What in the heck was I supposed to do with all these activities?

So what do you do when you can’t figure it out on your own? You call your mama, that’s what.

Mum had a solution…make a cloth bag with a window!


Arlee is an Early Childhood Educator, earning her degree at BYU Idaho. She runs a government accredited care center in her home in Red Deer, AB. She studied with the New York Institute of Photography and she owns her own photography studio. Arlee is a mother of 6, an aspiring yogi, a lover of books, travel, good food and wine. She’s a blogger in her “spare time” and she will never say no to chocolate.

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Wooden Bakeshop

~:: ikatbag ::~

Inspired by my daughters’ love of all things sweet, colorful and worth selling, I’ve made them different toys based on the Dessert Store theme over the years. This wooden bakeshop is the most recent permutation – it took me 9 months from conceptualization to washing the final drops of varnish off my paintbrush. See photos of the wooden bakeshop and its other-media predecessors on my blog.






ABOUT LIER: LiEr is a retired Physics teacher who now stays home with her three daughters, age 4, 5 and 7. She enjoys sewing and making things out of corrugated cardboard. She is married to a software engineer, whose sense of reality has saved her from attempting, and failing at, some very daft crafts. She learnt to sew from her mother, aunts, and grandmother, who was a tailor. She can’t remember where she’d learnt cardboard stuff.

Find her regularly on her blog ikatbag, sporadically on Twitter and far too often on Pinterest.


Five Fun Things to Do with Ten Tiny Things

~:: My Little Bookcase ::~

Inspired by a beautiful new Australian children’s picture book, Ten Tiny Things, we recently undertook five activities at My Little Bookcase, which encouraged us to slow down, connect with nature and make the most of the beautiful, natural world around us.

Our exploratory tasks involved making a collection box, taking a nature walk, sorting and describing our treasures, creating a natural collage and painting on timber and bark.





ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie Small is the editor of My Little Bookcase, a blog and resource that aims to model and provide parents with fun, warm, friendly and positive ways to engage their children in reading. Jackie is a qualified primary and secondary teacher. She is also the mother of one daughter (with her second child due in November).

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