Playroom September 10 2012

BonBon Break


Children learn about writing based on the writing they see around them. For example, they may see parents writing letters, lists, notes and labels.

Before children have even learned to write the letters of the alphabet, they already have an idea about print and its purpose. They quickly learn that words are symbols that convey a message.

By strategically leaving some enticing post-it notes and writing tools on her activity table, I encouraged my daughter to experiment with her own writing. It didn’t take Cam long to begin role-play writing.


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About Jackie: Jackie Small is the editor of My Little Bookcase, a blog and resource that aims to model and provide parents with fun, warm, friendly and positive ways to engage their children in reading. Jackie is a qualified primary and secondary teacher. She is also the mother of one daughter (with her second child due in November).

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My in-laws had come to visit from England this summer and Rowan had a ball. We had also taken a fun trip to Florida to visit my parents which left him with loads of fine memories. Since both sets of parents live so far away, I really wanted to find a way to keep them fresh in my almost 2 year olds mind. When you live far away from family keeping those connections alive for your children becomes really important.

This little project ended up being a lot of fun and Rowan loves “reading” his family book and pointing to his beloved grandparents. Even if you have family living next door, I think it is a great learning tool for any small child.

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Lisa Fyfe is a mom, graphic designer, blogger and Etsy shop owner. When she was pregnant with their first child, life changed twenty-fold. After living in New York City for over 15 years, she left her job as Art Director of a book publishing company to move to a small town on the shoreline of Connecticut. Soon after, she had their baby and center of gravity, Rowan now 22 months old. Nothing about her life is recognizable. She is exhausted most of the time, and loving every minute of it.

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Scientific processes and reactions can be difficult for children (and often adults) to understand. In order to properly grasp the concepts behind various experiments, it is important to involve and engage the participants. Here we share with you a fabulously fun, exciting and easy to set-up experiment that should delight your children and demonstrate that despite being unable to see it, air takes up space. Using simple materials you should already have and with easy to follow instructions, we hope you enjoy our water bottle fountain. We sure did!

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About Debs: Debs is a Primary School Teacher from Australia on family leave with her 2 young children. She is passionate about Early Childhood Education and believes firmly in the importance of learning through play. She is the author and creator of Learn with Play at home which is a resource full of activities and ideas with handy tips on how to further promote learning with play. Above all, she believes that learning should be fun!

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SINK OR SWIM ::: Happy Whimsical Hearts

Sometimes seeing where a simple idea can lead us amazes me *smile*

Like taking some fun supplies… corks, toothpicks and paper…

Add some hot glue {perfect for impatient little ones}

To create some little boats!

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About Kelly: Kelly is an Australian mum to two kiddlywinks, Dino Boy (4) and Little Miss Q (15 months). She aims to fill their childhood with magic, through imaginative play, homemade toys and the great outdoors. Kelly shares their baking, crafting and play adventures on her blog Happy Whimsical Hearts.

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