Oven Scrambled Eggs





Oven Scrambled Eggs by Simply Stacie

I would never even attempt scrambled eggs for a crowd of people until learning that there is another way than being a short order cook and standing there making individual servings. I can’t wait to try this recipe now as they look so light, fluffy and delicious!! ~Tara

Oven Scrambled Eggs

This recipe for Oven Scrambled Eggs is the perfect way to feed a crowd of people. Plus it’s simple to make and turns out creamy and delicious every time! Making breakfast for a large crowd is tiring! We usually only have a full house a couple times a year and it’s mainly around the holidays. Instead of slaving over the stove making multiple batches of scrambled eggs, I can get them done in one shot when I prepare them in the oven.




StacieABOUT STACIE: Stacie is the proud mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. When she’s not working on her blog, Simply Stacie, she enjoys cooking/baking, reading, DIY and spending time with her family.

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