Oreo Monster Pops

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I love this time of year.  The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are beautiful shades of red and orange and then crunchy under your feet, and you suddenly have a craving for all things pumpkin and butternut squash.

And then of course there is Halloween.

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  It’s the one time of year you can be something else.  Legitimately.  Maybe this year I will go as a sleep deprived lion.  I’ll roar at all the children.  And it will be okay.  Because it’s Halloween.

The other thing Halloween means?  Spooky decorations and spooky treats.  Fun little creations that put smiles on your kiddos face.

It was about this time last year that I discovered the cutest little addition to the baking world.

Candy EyeballsCandy Eyeballs!!  How awesome, right??  Even better is the name in Spanish!  Ojos de Caramelo.  Love it.

So when the lovely ladies at BonBon Break asked me to whip up a funtastic Halloween treat, I immediately thought of Candy Eyeballs and Oreos.  And what do you get when you put together Oreos and Candy Eyeballs?

Oreo Monster Pops!!

Oreo Monster CookiesHow do you get delicious Oreos onto sticks you ask??  (And honestly, what isn’t cuter on a stick?)  Start by melting some candy melts (any color, because it’s going to be hidden), and opening up some Oreos.  I used an inverted rimmed cookie sheet and some wax paper for this process, and it worked like a dream.

Dip the end of the stick in some of the melted candy, and squish it into the Oreo cream.

Now dab on a little more melted candy with your fork.

Now put the Oreo back together and let it dry, between 15 and 30 minutes.

Once the Oreos are firmly on their sticks, and have been transformed into pops, it’s time to make them monsters!  You certainly could just go ahead and dunk them in the candy melts.  But I’m a stickler for chocolate crumbs in my beautiful melted candy.

An easier, less messy way is to glob some melted candy on one side of the Oreo, tap the stick on the edge of the bowl, flip it over, and glob some more on the other side, tapping again to evenly distribute the melted candy.

Once you have the candy coating on your Oreo, add your Candy Eyeballs and other candy decorations.  I scrounged through my candy making cabinet (Seriously.  That cabinet really exists in my house.) and found all these glorious little edibles to make my monsters.

Two things.  First, the candy coated sunflower seeds seem to only exist at World Market.  Unless you are a gagillionaire and want to buy them in bulk through Amazon.  Second, the white frosting like stuff is squeezable fondant.  Ummm . . . love!  I find it easy to work with, and it sets up hard.  So once your design is on the pop, and it dries, it will stay there.  Hooray!

sprinkles for cookiesThe candy hearts and candy corn (coated in chocolate), were perfect for horns.  On some of the monsters, I added a dollop of chocolate to the top of the head, let it dry just a tiny bit, and then used a tooth pick to make some luscious monster locks.

Some other candy that would work really well are Sixlettes (try not to eat them all before they make their way onto your monsters), jelly beans (especially for big monstery noses), mini M&Ms, and Skittles.

It helps to have your face planned out before you coat your Oreo.

See . . . . now this is the point in a post where I would normally tell you how much fun I had doing this with my kiddo.  And isn’t he great, and don’t I love him, and we totally bonded while doing this.  Totally.

But I’m a control freak.  And I kind of wanted perfect monsters.  Ha!

Oreo Monster Cookies for HalloweenSo I made these while Gavin was at school, but then he came home and saw my candy mess, and the jig was up.  This is the monster that Gavin designed.  It’s kind of awesome, right?  Clearly I should have had him help from the beginning.

Making these was more fun than I predicted.  Imagine me, by myself in my kitchen, putting together monsters, and giggling each time I finished one.  Check out this crazy one.  It might be my favorite.

Even better was when Gavin and I realized that if we turned the sunflower seeds on their sides, they made a pretty rocking mustache.  Suddenly our monsters became much more mature.

Hope you have a spooky and cute Halloween!!


Oreo Monster Pops - a fun Halloween treat

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Lisa, from Wine & Glue, prides herself on being a wannabe of every kind. Chief on her wannabe lists are chef, baker, seamstress, party planner, and photographer. Well, maybe not a wannabe of every kind. She is a very real mom to two crazy and wonderful little monkeys. Check out her wild wannabe adventures at Wine & Glue or follow along on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest.


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