BonBon Break LIVE: “Open Boxes” with Christine Organ

BonBon Break

BonBon Break’s Val Curtis is chatting with Christine Organ, the creator of “Open Boxes – the gifts of living a full and connected life”.

A celebration of the human spirit, Open Boxes is a collection of stories that doesn’t just tell readers – but shows readers – how to live fully and connect deeply by reveling in the sacred within our everyday lives. Through stories about everything from spirituality and parenting, self-acceptance and friendship, shopping at Old Navy and bowling with preschoolers, readers will be inspired to gently lift the lids off of their compartmentalized lives and tie together the torn and tattered pieces that lie inside in order to live more fully and connect more deeply with the people and world around them. Open Boxes is filled with stories of comfort, struggle, heartache, joy, insight, compassion, resilience, and redemption. Like a cup of coffee with a good friend, the stories will soothe and inspire, uplift and motivate, entertain and encourage.

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Val Curtis is chatting with Christine Organ, the author of "Open Boxes - the gifts of living a full and connected life”.