Lemoncello Cocktail

Nancy Buchanan


The holidays may be over, but who says we can’t still celebrate with a fancy drink or two. This festive Lemoncello Cocktail from Nancy of A Communal Table brings together tart, tangy citrus and sparkling wine.

This bubbly beverage, which includes lemoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur produced in Southern Italy, as well as fresh lemon juice, is simple to mix and serve. Nancy says, “For this cocktail you don’t need to use an expensive sparkling wine, just make sure that it is on the dry side!! This is very refreshing and goes beautifully with any appetizer, especially seafood based ones!”

Celebrate the new year with an Italian flair. Once you’ve finished serving up Lemoncello Cocktails with some appetizers, pop that bottle of lemoncello in the freezer to serve icy cold with dessert. It’s delicious straight-up for sipping. Cheers!


Nancy Buchanan blogs at A Communal Table, where she serve up globally inspired food, photography, and fun. She started her blog in 2010 as a place to share recipes and feed her obsession with food, cultural history, cooking techniques, and flavors. With a culinary background and a degree in nutrition/dietietics (she is a NDTR registered through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), she has become a food gypsy – she works as a college instructor, professional recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer.