KEEP IT SOCIAL week of August 11 in review

BonBon Break

Keep It Social with Val CurtisOh people of the Internet, you never fail to amaze me.

The incredibly talented Erin Margolin wrote the post “Rumor Has It, vol. 3“. Here’s a tiny peek:

“I have friends who need love, support, and help. I’m sharing a few of them with you today and hope you’ll stop in and say hello. Rumor Has It these are some of the most generous, caring, thoughtful people I’ve come to know, whether in person or just through the screen.”

The voices she shares are extraordinary and as a reader, you do want to envelope them in a Mama Bear hug and tell them everything will be ok. Sometimes our words and and just reaching out can help add to the collective Band-Aid we offer.   I would like to add one to the list, Kate Leong from Chasing Rainbows. I will not say anything about her story because it is her’s to share and she has. Stop on by and give her a little “hello”.

On our little island, we had the joy of the County Fair along with two tragic events that rocked our tiny, yet mighty, community this week. It reminded me that we are forever stronger when we band together.

Ok…let’s get social, shall we?

Here is what I loved this week on Twitter…







And from Instagram…

Signs of summer…

…and a little inspiration.

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