Front Porch

BonBon Break

Happy Thanksgiving! 

It is so hard to focus.

On one hand, I am planning and prepping for a big dinner with friends and family, remembering how lucky I am to have a healthy family, food on my table, and friends to share it.

But in the back of my mind, I am thinking, how many days until Christmas?


Black Friday is this week and there is NO way I am going near a mall, now matter how great the deal (I do live on an island, but that’s not the point).
So, Friday morning, after I eat a sweet potato roll layered with cranberry sauce (have you checked out the Kitchen?), a slice of turkey, Dijon mustard, and arugula, I will sit down in my warm, calm home, surf the web and land mega deals.

Of course, my first stop will be the Bonbon Break Gift Closet.   So grab a sandwich or whip up one of those pumpkin spice lattes and let’s shop the right way, with calmness coupled with savings. *Click* * Click*

~ Sharalyn

Here is a peek into the Gift Closet and a few of our favorite items:

Val’s pick

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center (Earthtone)

I know you remember these from when you were a kid. I do. Now that I have two crazy monkey kids, this is a god send. Grandma sent it early this year and THANK GOODNESS. The kids love it. I love it. Climbing happiness has taken over our yard.

My husband popped the whole thing together in about 45 minutes and the climbing dome has been a major hit since.




Sharalyn’s pick

Kindle Paperwhite

A week ago, I received an early Christmas gift that changed my life, the Kindle Paperwhite. I am embarrassed to say, I have not been able to finish a book in over a year. I found when I had time to read, I did not have my book. And at night, I was afraid I would bother my sleeping baby (we co-sleep) with a light. But the Kindle Paperwhite is small and lives in my purse during the day. At night, the light allows me to read as my daughter falls asleep or while my son is sleeping. I love it!




Kathy’s pick

Discovery Kids Cardboard Color and Play Play House

When my now teenage son was a two year old, my sister Wendy got him a cardboard play house that could be colored on as well as played in. He played with it all the time and it was frequently the entertainment when our play-group would come over. The kids would color and play in the house while the moms would chat and drink coffee. Now that she has two little boys of her own I am going to return the favor this Christmas and get my nephews the Discovery Kids Cardboard Color and Play house. Now I can hear her say, “Color on the house not the walls!”