Homemade Strawberry Pie by What’s Cooking With Ruthie



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Homemade Strawberry Pie by What's Cooking With Ruthie


There is something about homemade pie that is so nostalgic, bringing back loved memories of childhood. Grandma or mom in the kitchen or your aunt bringing over your favorite pie. Continue those memories for your family with this amazing Homemade Strawberry Pie!!! ~Tara

Everybody loves a Homemade Strawberry Pie in the spring or summer time! Did you know they’re easy-peasy to make at home? Oh and they taste about a million times better too 🙂




RuthieABOUT RUTHIE:“Hi! I’m Ruthie. I’m a mom to 3 amazing kids and 2 dogs. Whats Cooking with Ruthie.com came to be in the summer of 2010… my Grandma Louise had a cooking show in the 60′s, which was the inspiration for my blog. It was called, ‘What’s Cooking with Louise’ and I always had the desire to carry on a piece of her legacy and share the passion of cooking that she instilled in me. I grew up cooking with my Mom and Gram in the kitchen.

I’ve always loved to collected recipes, as I began to learn techniques to make food healthier and lower in calories, while still keeping all the flavor- I started developing recipes of my own. I loved food but it was not loving me back and as a result I was quiet over weight about 14 years ago. I’ve written about my weight loss story on my blog in hopes that maybe others’ can gain something from my experience.

Eventually, I found I needed a creative outlet AND a fun way to share my passion. That was the beginning of my blog. I love my little space. I’m so happy to learn, and grow, and cook, AND become great friends with all of my readers! I AM so grateful for the friends I have made, the things I have learned, and the ability to share some of the yummy cooking that comes out of my kitchen. ”

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