Happy Spring Card Tutorial by Lisa Fyfe of Little Monster

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Happy Spring Card Tutorial

~:: by Lisa Fyfe of Little Monster ::~

Happy Spring Bunny Card Craft Tutorial
bbb originalI am so excited for spring. I love, love, love hearing the birds chirping and feeling that hint of warmer air. Daylight savings time is the icing on the cake. Having the sun out still at 7 pm is just a thrill.

Here is a fun craft to help celebrate spring. You should make it along with your kids, and they can proudly give it to someone they love. For those of us with toddlers, you can repurpose some of their artwork as the background. This could make a sweet card to send to grandparents.

I used watercolors to create stripes, but your kids can use crayons or makers to make any pattern they like. Have fun!

Happy Spring Bunny Card

What you will need:

bunnyDownload the free printable here.


bunnyWatercolors/Crayons or colored pencils


bunnyWhite Card Stock


bunnyScissors/Exacto knife



bunnyPrint free download on white cardstock. Cut the paper in half to create two cards. Using an exacto knife, cut out the bunny shape.

exacto knife cut out

bunnyCut out a separate piece of paper to the size 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. This will be the paper for your artwork backdrop. Get the kids to paint, color, decorate this paper.

Happy Spring Bunny Card Craft Tutorial

bunnyGlue colorful paper behind the bunny cut out and fold the card.


painted pieces ready for glue

Happy Spring!

finished cards

Lisa Fyfe of Little Monster ABOUT LISA: Lisa Fyfe is a mom, graphic designer, blogger and Etsy shop owner. When she was pregnant with their first child, life changed twenty-fold. After living in New York City for over 15 years, she left her job as Art Director of a book publishing company to move to a small town on the shoreline of Connecticut. Soon after, she had their baby and center of gravity. Nothing about her life is recognizable. She is exhausted most of the time, and loving every minute of it.

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