Tips for Perfect Spring Photos

Beryl Ayn Young

Tips for Perfect Spring Photos by Beryl Ayn Young

With the Easter and Passover holidays approaching, I’m getting ready to host the next big family meal at our house. It’s a given that we’ll have family over on Easter for our traditional Ham and deviled eggs, but lately I’ve started scouring Pinterest for the perfect dessert to top off the meal.

Here’s a little secret about me though: I might very well be the world’s worst baker. My cookies always turn out as puffed up ‘cakies’, my actual cakes are always crumbly and dry, and I seem to burn brownies every time they go in the oven.

But still, baking excites me! I love eating sweet treats, I love finding the most decadent dessert recipes on Pinterest, and I always remain hopeful that my results will turn out better each time I try again.

It’s safe to say I have a love/hate relationship with baking, and as a photographer I’m always fascinated by the stories of moms and their own similar love/hate relationship with their cameras.

Tips for Perfect Spring Photos by Beryl Ayn Young

Moms like you want nothing more than to beautifully preserve the memories you are making with your kids using the gorgeous images you see on Pinterest as a guide.. So you pick up your camera again, and again, and again. But, oftentimes I hear how your photos are still falling flat of your expectations and I bet you’ve found it to be a challenge trying to bake up quality images just like the ones you see from the ‘pros’.

I know your story all too well because I, too, have experienced the same struggles.

My own interest in photography was sparked at a time when I believed that simply buying a fancy DSLR camera would be my ticket to beautiful pictures. I should’ve realized that this wouldn’t be the case — especially since my Kitchen Aid mixer still hasn’t turned me into a professional baker (yet!).

It’s not simply the tools that make you an awesome photographer (or baker!). It’s knowing how to use them that truly counts.

Fortunately as I’ve been collecting ingredients over the past few years, I’ve become a much better photographer than baker – and I get super excited to share what I’ve learned about photography with moms any chance I get.

This year I want nothing more than to help you take delicious photos of your kiddos all decked out for the Spring Easter or Passover holidays.

tips for perfect spring photosTo get you started here are a few tips for whipping up the perfect pictures of your entire family this Spring:

flowerPLAN AHEAD: When I’m in the kitchen cooking up Easter dinner I don’t want to have to think about being the photographer during that time too. I ALWAYS deck my daughter out in her Easter dress before the holiday and stage a shoot that’s all about her. It’s a win-win: less stress for all of us and I get the cute portraits I’m looking to frame for grandma before the holiday even arrives!

flowerTIMING IS KEY: If your holiday plans involve having a large gathering of friends or extended family, think about when the best time to get pictures of everyone will be. Large groups can be hard to organize so anything you can do to time it right for everyone involved is key. If you’re having family over for brunch, get those extended family shots done first while the light is still good (the best outdoor light is typically found early in the morning or late in the day). Getting the pictures done first thing will also save everyone a headache because the kids will be fresh and happy.

Tips for Perfect Spring Photos by Beryl Ayn Young

flowerGET THE TECHNICAL ASPECTS RIGHT: If you like playing around with technical photography, again having a plan before a large family photo op is key. Survey the light, set your ISO and think about your aperture settings before dragging everyone in for the photo. If your light needs a boost because it’s overcast, bump up your ISO. If you are taking photos of a large group use a mid range aperture value to ensure everyone ends up in focus. (I like to use f 5.6 as a starting place when my groups are large or there are multiple rows of people involved in my picture)

flowerDON’T FORGET THE DETAILS! Even though it’s important to make memories of the people you’re spending time with, take a few moments to snap shots of the other details during the day too. Take photos of the tablescape, the food, or even the dessert (yeah – the one that will totally end up as a total flop because you’d don’t know how to bake!). Those detail shots will provide the perfect extra touches to fill up pages of an album or coffee table book later on.

Tips for Perfect Spring Photos by Beryl Ayn Young

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a momtographer, it’s that photography truly is a recipe. It’s one part camera, one part technical knowledge, two parts light, a dash of heart, and a heaping cup of soul.

If you’re excited about capturing your memories this for the upcoming holiday (or just for the Spring season in general), I’d like to invite you for a FREE one-week mini class with me called ‘One Ingredient Fix’.

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I can’t wait to get cooking with you and watch you whip up photos of your kids and family this holiday that are sure to be much tastier that my attempt at Easter dessert.DSC_3496editbb


Beryl Ayn Young is a wife, mama, teacher, and photographer who offers photography lessons to nourish the mind, body, and soul over on her personal blog. Beryl believes in lifelong learning, photographic healing, and a glass half full perspective. Come join her HERE as she provides photo coaching and classes aimed at teaching moms how to improve their camera skills and cherish life’s journey.