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Hands on Ladybirds

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Hands on Ladybugs Kids in NatureAs Spring arrives in the backyard it comes to life – insects come out of their winter hibernation and are there just waiting for your children to explore and learn about the natural world. Ladybugs are the first bugs to appear in our backyard from late-February through to Mid-April. More and more appear, catching our toddler’s eye as she wanders around – teaching her to handle them with care and consideration. She can observe these beautiful mini-beasts from the palm of her hand, seeing, feeling and connecting with them in a hands-on experience with nature.

cerys-parkerABOUT CERYS: Cerys, the creator of Nature and Play, aims to encourage parents to enjoy outdoor play everyday with simple practical ideas for even the youngest members of your family to connect with the world around them.
A mum to 2 young children, Cerys is a former marine biologist, environmental educator and teacher now a stay at home Mum she enjoys photography, crafts and gardening and can be found with her kids tending the vegetables.

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