Clementine Margaritas by The Cookie Rookie



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Clementine Margarita by The Cookie Rookie


I love serving up a special cocktail to company or making something memorable for ourselves to savor on a hot summer day, this gorgeous cocktail fits the bill ~Tara


There is nothing more refreshing than a Fresh Squeezed Clementine Margarita!! Sweet, Fresh, and delicious! Its the perfect summer cocktail, whether you’re sipping it on a porch in Missouri, or on a beach in Florida! Beat the heat this summer a crowd-pleasing cocktail that you’ll make again and again. YUM!






ABOUT BECKY: I woke up on my 30th birthday and realized I didn’t know how to cook…ANYTHING! My old roommate would joke that I would struggle to make instant coffee! I decided that it was time to change, and a passion was born. I started The Cookie Rookie as a way to document my journey to learn how to cook, one recipe at a time. It’s a very fun and delicious ride, come join the fun!

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