Favorite Lentil Recipes by Pinch of Yum

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Favorite Lentil Recipes

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Lentil Recipes by Pinch of YumThis is just a love letter to lentils.

My sisters were here this week and I uncovered a shocking secret about my younger sister: SHE HAS NEVER TRIED LENTILS. Or had never, until this week when she stayed with me and obviously, I fed her her very first lentils like any big sister would. After her first bite, she said, “Yummmm. They taste kind of like beans.” What?!?!?!?

I might have been in denial for the last few years. Not everyone buys lentils on every grocery trip. Or has any idea where to find them in the store or how to make them or why in the world they should make them. So in honor of my own personal love for all things lentil and the fact that these lentil recipes are some of my favorite recipes EVER done on Pinch of Yum, I thought this post was very necessary.

Lentil newbies, I love you and this is for you!

lindsay-headshotABOUT LINDSEY: I’m a teacher, pug lover, and dessert enthusiast from the Midwest, but these days I’m living in the Philippines with my husband Bjork and teaching at an orphanage. Whoa! It’s a crazy kind of fun. Pinch of Yum is a lil’ place where I share my favorite foods.


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