Fat Free Crispy Potatoes Recipe by Fifteen Spatulas

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Fat Free Crispy Potatoes

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Crispy Potatoes Recipe by Fifteen Spatulas It’s strange to see “fat free” and “crispy” so close together, isn’t it?

I certainly can’t blame you if you’re skeptical and think that potatoes can’t be fat free and crispy at the same time…but oh, they can! Trust me, they can.

So if there’s no oil, how do the potatoes get crispy?

I discovered the crispiness sort of by accident two years ago. I had seen a recipe for crispy potatoes from Nigella Lawson, and they looked so good…but the recipe called for two 11-ounce jars of goose fat for 5 lbs of potatoes!!! Can you imagine the fat and calories? I couldn’t. So I tried making them in a similar way, but without the fat. And they crisped nicely! It’s not the same crunch as a french fry of course, but I find that I still snack on this easy potato recipe and am satisfied just the same.

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