The Anti-Nag Shield by Mommies In Orbit

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The Anti-Nag Shield

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Anti-nag shield by Mommies in Orbit

My kids told me that they had learned something new from watching a show called, “Fairly Odd-Parents.” It’s a show they sometimes watch after school when they are in the decompress mode from the long school day. One of the characters put on his anti-nag shield in response to someone’s nagging attempt, and then just buzzed away!  So I thought to myself, well that could go both ways. I know that for a fact my kids would use their anti-nag shields about three times per day when Mommies In Orbit blasted out their three favorite announcements:

Karen NagyABOUT KAREN:  Karen is the creator of the blog, Mommies In Orbit, Raising Kids, One Orbit At A Time.  This blog was created in an attempt to reach out to other parents while trying to regain some sanity after having twins at midlife!  So why build a blog on the premise of orbits?  An orbit is the path of a celestial body or an artificial satellite as it revolves around another body.  As parents, we find ourselves orbiting around our kids to keep them safe, always.  The Mom behind the blog is a former technical writer for a satellite imaging company.  Besides staying one step ahead of twin preteens, I enjoy photography, astronomy, bird-watching, my dogs, and gardening.


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