Family Room August 27 2012

BonBon Break


Beyond these few hectic post-beach weeks, our very first first day of school is on the horizon, close enough that we are counting the days and hurrying to make sure new sneakers are in the closet and new lunchboxes are on the counter.  In one fell swoop my husband will start a new semester, my 5-year-old will start kindergarten, and my 2-year-old will transition to a brand-new daycare center. Wheeeesh!  We’re stepping into a new routine and, for my almost-kindergartener, a whole new world. It will be months before we see the beach again.  Things are about to change, big-time.

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THESE CALM DAYS::: Owl and Twine

We have been being gloriously lazy. That is what late summer is for, if you ask me. I’m determined to use these last weeks before our days become harried with school schedules and fall’s events to be slow like snails, and so far all is going as planned.

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Dealing with Parenting Rage ::: Creative with Kids

My son can be angry at times, but I often blame myself. I am a single mom of a 3 and 5 year old and needless to say, I lose my temper in ways that are totally unacceptable to me when I am under control! Screaming, snatching him up, out-of-control! I just don’t understand where it comes from.

What you do to stay calm during these trying times?

This kind of thing is hard to talk about; we worry about saying the wrong thing or people getting the wrong impression. I still have those worries, but I am going to try to speak plainly here and relate what my experience has been. I realize not everything will apply to all situations.

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PINK ::: It’s Not Like a Cat

My son loves the color pink.

He also loves soccer.

The sales guy at the sports store had some strong opinions about children and colors.

Were we going to be dissuaded from buying my son’s favorite soccer cleats?



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