Front Porch August 27 2012

BonBon Break
The New Year may officially begin January 1, but for me the year really starts with the first day of school. I even have my own celebration complete with happy dancing and singing.It’s a joyous time in our household. It’s also hectic and nerve-racking as the kids and I adjust to new schedules, new teachers, and new friends.

Change has never been one of my strengths. Occasionally, I embrace it. Typically I face it kicking and screaming. But try as I may to avoid it at times, it’s inevitable.

Two years ago I faced a change I dreaded from the day our first child was born until our youngest child started kindergarten. My role as a stay-at-home mom was, gulp, changing.

What was I going to do with this new freedom? How was I going to redefine myself? How was I going to deal with the fact that my kids’ schools were now paperless and I was going to have to break down and get an e-mail address and start making friends with technology?

I made a decision to listen to my heart and take one small step at a time. I would be open to trying new experiences and do what was in front of me.

And I did. I went on a parenting website and left a comment. Then another comment. When my comments began to be liked by other moms, I decided to try my hand at blogging. In growing my blog I got involved with social media which led me to meeting Val and starting this magazine with her.

I changed gears and my life without a big plan. I just took one step after another and without realizing I just did it.

What’s even more exciting to me is that if I just continue to listen to my heart and do what is front of me, who knows where I’ll be next year?

In this week’s issue of Bonbon Break, we explore shifting gears. Some changes are small, maybe a new recipe or a new project, others introduce a brand new chapter in our lives. We can embrace it or curse it. Or just close our eyes and walk through it. The choice is ours.

Many thanks to this week’s amazing contributors. And thanks to you for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with us. Enjoy!

Kathy Radigan