Exploding Sandwich Bag Experiment by The Outlaw Mom

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Outlaw Mom Science For Kids Exploding Ziploc Experiment

Pop! Bang! Fizz! This twist on a classic baking soda and vinegar kids’ science experiment guarantees a big explosion and bubbling potion. It’s a great way to introduce preschoolers and kindergarteners to basic chemistry and it’s also a great open-ended science lesson for older children. This experiment is as messy as it is fun, so take this exploding experiment outdoors or into the kitchen sink or bathtub!

Outlaw-Mom-Chrissy-Watson-Bio-PhotoABOUT CHRISSY: Chrissy is a Silicon Valley lawyer, blogger, entrepreneur, and mom to two independent thinkers. She writes The Outlaw Mom Blog, which focuses on art, learning & play ideas for Raising Thinking Kids, and Bloggy Law, a website dedicated to helping brands and bloggers navigate the social media legal landscape a little more smoothly. When she’s not daydreaming about starting her own paper goods shop, she plans educational workshops and networking events for local San Francisco Bay Area online influencers.

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