Egg Breakfasts Made Easy

Val Curtis

When you live on my island, you know people with chickens. Actually, you know more people with chickens than without. You even know people (ahem – who might be your business partner – or not) who have, what some might consider, a poultry problem (chickens, ducks AND turkeys). The beauty of this is that when Spring hits and you are one of the people who doesn’t have feathers flying and cock-a-doodle-dooing in your yard, others are collecting over 40 eggs a day and that is a gooood thing for you. The eggs are sold to you and you get them with cute little stickers like these:

swallow song farm

…and the taste is completely different. Rich orangey, yellow yolks bring a brighter hue and richer flavor to your meals.

Add on to this my newly-acquired gluten-free stance, and the eggs are truly a godsend. Did I mention that OXO sent me some egg tools as well? I know, sometimes the stars just align. <To learn about my personal LOVE for OXO and my eggbeater story, click here>

While talking to another GF friend, she mentioned how she has changed her attitude towards breakfast.  She eats more savory foods during the morning. Ah ha! This would help my morning slump. THE KEY: make the preparation easy find a way to please EVERYONE, quickly.

I wanted Chilaquiles, my son wanted just pesto and eggs, and I had leftover sauce from our Daniel Tiger’s Veggie Spaghetti. That sounded like a lot of work and a random mess. Unless…

Meet my new favorite morning friend, the deep silicon muffin pan (affiliate link).

CHILAQUILES – In the first cup, I layered 2 tbsp green salsa, a handful of crushed tortilla chips, cracked an egg on top and added another 3 tbsp of green salsa. When it was done I topped it with a little cotija cheese (a dollop of sour cream would have been REALLY GOOD, but I am trying to be REALLY GOOD).

Easy Breakfast Eggs - Chilaquile style

ITALIAN – In the second cup, I layered 2 tbsp of DTVS sauce, cracked an egg, added 3 more tbsp of sauce. When it was done, I topped it with a little parmesan cheese.

Easy Breakfast Eggs - Italian style

STRAIGHTFORWARD SCRAMBLE – In the third cup, I whipped up two scrambled eggs with pesto and poured. When it was done, I just served it.

I could have gone on like this for DAYS! The possibilities are truly endless and the kids can add in whatever they want. DREAMY.

But wait, there’s more. I thought about my cholesterol. Yes, that happens once you hit 40 (not that I am!). Enter the OXO Egg Separator. It literally sits on the side of the muffin pan, you crack your egg and voila, only egg whites in my cup. I took the yolk and added it to my daughter’s. So easy.

OXO Egg Separator

I used to be the queen of the “Dinner Deja Vu” Frittata, but now I can please everyone with this lovely silicon muffin pan and 30 minutes in the oven at 325.

What combination would you cook up in your house?


This quick strategy will allow you to personalize everyone's breakfast in a flash! Easy egg breakfast will quickly become part of your morning routine.CONTINUE READING MORE RECIPES IN THE KITCHEN

Recipe written and all other photos taken by Val Curtis.

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