Easy Caramelized Gnocchi





Easy Caramelized Gnocci by The Food Charlaton


MMMMmmmm I love gnocci! This looks almost too good for a weeknight meal, almost, but you are worth it!! Easy Caramelized Gnocchi will have your family raving for more!! ~Tara


Easy Caramelized Gnocchi


There’s gnocchi…and then there’s FRIED gnocchi. You thought those little potato dumplings couldn’t get any better, but you were just wrong. Now add some cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, and we’re really talking. This is the perfect 30 minute meal for a busy summer night, or for those first few weeks of back to school when you’re feeling like dinner is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s also known as Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, and in my book it’s also known as the best easy dinner since peanut butter and jelly. P.S. Vegetarian for the win.


clickToContinueKarenABOUT KAREN: “I’m Karen! I love to make food for my family and share it with the internet, because that’s totally normal. I post family-friendly recipes that your kids will eat, that won’t break the bank, and yet will still get people hunting you down at the church potluck.

Sometimes I forget important things, like adding the dry ingredients to my cookies, so that they bake into a puddle of soup. Please tell me this happens to you sometimes? I will cry into a glass of milk and an entire package of Oreos if I find out I’m the only one who has epic kitchen failures occasionally.

Charlatan: someone who makes showy pretenses to pretended ability. Food Charlatan: A cook who likes to take pictures of her food, even though her kitchen (that you can’t quite make out in the background) looks like a 10 pound bag of flour exploded.

Cooking and baking is a learned skill, no one is born with it. If sometimes you accidentally add cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon to your apple pie, I won’t judge you. In fact, come on over. I’ll bring the Oreos, you bring the milk.”

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