French Bread Vegetable Pizza by BetsyLife



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French Bread Vegetable Pizzas by BetsyLife


Running out to sport events this Spring with your kids? You can have these fresh and healthy pizzas whipped up in a snap and out the door you fly ~Tara


A healthy vegetable pizza makes the perfect weeknight meal. This easy pizza recipe can be made for one or for a crowd, and it doesn’t have to be vegetarian. Since these are individual French bread pizzas, they can be customized to each family member’s liking. Just scour the fridge to see what you have on hand, then start layering on the toppings. Pizza topping possibilities are limitless, from traditional pepperoni and cheese, to healthy veggies, or even bacon, greens or nuts. Allowing your family to get involved in making dinner, provides not only a table full of happy eaters, but is a great way to spend time together in the kitchen.




aboutBetsyABOUT BETSY: I’m a sunshine worshipper, dog lover, and all around creative spirit. My mission is to make each year more enjoyable than the last by prioritizing the things I love in life, and making a conscious effort to make each day fun. I work as a freelance food stylist, which means making food look pretty for advertising. To me, cooking is a way to make art each and every day. Ingredients are my medium. Besides being in the kitchen, I love living a southern California active lifestyle with my husband and two Labradors. Through my blog I hope to inspire others to carve out their own little peaceful place in this wild world and create the life they crave.

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