Sesame & Shiitake Soba Noodles by Love & Lemons

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Sesame & Shiitake Soba Noodles

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Sesame and shitake soba noodles

I first made this cold soba a few weeks ago with this meal, and I’ve made it again and again over the last few weeks, for easy dinners and on-hand lunches.

The flavors here are pretty simple. Toasted sesame oil and soy sauce lightly coat the noodles without covering up the nutty flavor of the soba itself. And a few good splashes of rice vinegar really brighten it up.

Love and Lemons bio picABOUT JEANINE (& JACK): Hi, my name is Jeanine. I’m a designer, healthy-food-maker, and all-around creative-kind. My husband Jack is a video game programmer, cheese lover, and the general household tech-support. In a lot of ways, we’re two people that couldn’t be more different. We started this blog because the one common interest we share is food. Whether we’re exploring cultures halfway around the world, checking out a new neighborhood restaurant, or experimenting in our own kitchen, we have the most fun together when food is involved. Also, after 11 years together, we just needed a new project to talk about.

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