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My two year old daughter is full of spunk and sass, which I know will serve her well in years to come. It will also take years off of my life and keep my hairdresser happy with all of the gray hairs she incites. Yes, I get her resolve and I appreciate it because of the whole apples falling from trees thing. The genes were a straight shot from my left hip to hers.

Yes, her spirited ways are a good thing, but we still have to get ready in the morning. Each and every day.

When she wakes up, she looks a little something like this:

Bedhead & a Strong Will

 Oh yes, she’s adorable. Thank you. Really. Let me give you a little more…

Bedhead & a Strong Will

Yes, so sweet. She’ll love me for this when she’s in high school. *snicker snicker*

Today, however, she wants to wear her hair down. It was true yesterday, and the day before as well. The daily morning dialogue sounds a little something like this:

ME: Hey Lil Miss, let’s get your hair into a ponytail or some cute pigtails!

LM: No, I wear it down.

ME: Ok, let’s brush it while you eat breakfast.

<NOTE: I have to do this while she is eating or it will not happen.>

LM: No thank you.

ME: Well, you get to make a choice. We can brush your hair now with Berry Juice or later without it.

LM: Berry Juice! Berry Juice! Berry Juice!

Stop fretting. I do not pour / spray / apply berry juice to my daughter’s hair. Well, not exactly. <<Disclaimer…this is a sponsored story. Want more details? Click here.>>

DO Natural's Detangler

When I learned about Dolphin Organics and then their sister line DO Naturals, I would often browse their online store. At one point, I had been trying a variety of detanglers on Lil Miss’s hair. They either made her hair feel like a sticky mess or they smelled like a chemical bath. Neither was preferable, so it makes sense that I was really excited to try their new line.

The box arrived and Lil Miss squealed when she saw the pink bottle, “Is for me?” I raised an eyebrow and said, “I’m not sure”. Don’t judge me.

I sprayed a bit into the air and the smell was delicious! “It’s for me! It’s for me!” And so her love for her berry juice began.

The best part is, it really works. It does the job of getting those tangles out and her hair smells great and the curls still fly, they aren’t weighted down.

No More Bedhead with DO Naturals Detangler

Ok, no…the best part is that I am not putting any nasty chemicals on her hair. Do you want to know how I know? Look at their label. It is ALL there. As a consumer you know what is in the detangler and why it is there.

DO Naturals Detangler Label

Do you see that? Natural Berry Fragrance.

Where is it from? Berries.

Why? Yummy Smell.

Yes, I spray berry juice in my daughter’s hair; I love it and you can too!

And now you can see why I love them. Really, I do and so does my strong-willed daughter who every once in awhile will let me put in pigtails…with berry juice.

DO detangler no tangles no tears