{Giveaway} “I’m Not a Baby”: The Story Behind Dolphin Organic’s Teen Line

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I’m Not a Baby“: The Story Behind Dolphin Organic’s Teen Line


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Dolphin Organics™ founders Ayo and Nigel Hart worked diligently for over a year with scientists and mothers across the country to develop a line of safe and gentle certified organic bath products for babies and young children. No sooner than they went to market, their twin girls, who inspired the line, were in the bath. One daughter exclaimed while reading the bottle, “I’m not a baby!” And, thus, the journey to their new tween line, DO Naturals™ began.

Ayo realized as the girls were getting older, they were more active and swimming year-round. Between the perspiration and chlorine, they needed more in their shampoo and conditioner, and their curls yearned for a natural detangler. The Harts had to admit that their children were outgrowing their baby line, but they weren’t ready to throw caution to the wind and peruse the aisles with all the adult and mainstream products. They began researching ways to harness nature’s ingredients to offer a higher functioning line for their girls while staying clear of all the petrochemicals and sulfates typically found in conventional teen and adult products.

Like their flagship Dolphin Organics™ line, DO Naturals™ products are formulated with plant-derived ingredients and are free of parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals. Says Co-Founder, Nigel Hart, “While other large companies are changing their formulas to include lower cost raw materials, we have raised the industry standards by including absolutely no harsh chemicals in our products. Currently, there is not a product on the market which offers the efficacy of DO Naturals™ in a natural formula.”

Teen Week DO ButtonSo why the name change? “In order to bear “Organic” on your label, a product must be at least 70% organic and certified to USDA or NSF/ANSI 305 standards,” explained Co-Founder, Ayo Hart. “The skin of a newborn baby is up to five times more porous than that of an adult, and babies only need the most gentle of body washes and shampoos. It was imperative to us that Dolphin Organics™ be as organic as possible.” With DO Naturals™, we could not obtain the efficacy that we needed with an organic formula. Yet, we stayed true to our mission to avoid sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes and any other harsh chemicals while creating a line that would be more effective for older children and even adults who wanted a safe alternative to conventional personal care products.”

Parents are easily confused by label claims; some companies use clever misnomers for “organics” and the required Latin and INCI ingredients listings can be difficult to decipher. Ayo responded to consumers’ uncertainty, “Our innovative Dolphin Organics™ ingredients labels made it very easy for parents to see what is in our products, and more importantly, what is not. With DO Naturals™, we expanded upon this by adding the source and purpose of each ingredient. I realized my own six year old twins were reading labels. For goodness sake, they tell me how many grams of sugar are in everything we eat! We want young girls to begin to educate themselves on the ingredients they use on their bodies every day.”

DO Naturals™ just received the 2013 Beauty Award for Delicious Living Magazine and was named an Industry Influencer for the innovative label which takes the guesswork out of ingredients.

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Similar to Dolphin Organics™, the Harts completed extensive consumer research, sharing formulas and ideas with a group of young girls from across the country. These Green Divas™ were instrumental in shaping the brand from the formula and the packaging to the newly launched website. With DO Naturals, Ayo and Nigel, themselves philanthropists, also wanted to inspire teens to get involved in their communities. They committed to donating a portion of proceeds from DO Naturals™ to Friends of Karen, a non-profit which provides financial and emotional support to families of children with a critical illness. The brand’s credo is Do Healthy, Do Good, DO Naturals™.

DO Naturals™ currently offers a Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Moisturizer and Leave-in Spray Detangler. All are naturally scented with DO Naturals’ signature Just Berry™ blend of organic extracts and oils. DO Naturals is available online at donaturals.com and has just begun national distribution so will hit additional local store shelves every week.



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