Dear Rainbow Sprinkles, I Love You

Rosalynn Tyo


Dear Rainbow Sprinkles,

Where to begin? Shall I start with your power to transform ordinary yogurt with berries into a “dessert” my preschoolers request night after night? Or the way only you — perched gracefully atop the peanut butter or cream cheese I hastily spread on a banana muffin — can convince them that they are eating cupcakes for breakfast? I wish you could see the joy in their eyes as they open wide for the first bite, as well as the smile on my face as I wipe away the smattering of crumbs on the table, all that is left behind after their secretly nutritious breakfast.

And speaking of cupcakes, let’s talk about the way you so cleverly disguise the complete ineptitude with which I apply frosting! Thanks to you, it’s at least fifty percent less obvious that the job was done on the strength of 10 coffees with a jittery butter knife and one squinty eye (with the other eye, of course, on the toddler chowing down on the spatula).

Nothing signals the start of holiday baking season like your appearance in red, white, and green, and nothing lifts my spirits quite like the sprightly pink, blue, green, and yellow you take on in spring. Because you are such a chameleon, no one ever seems to notice that I really only have one chocolate cake recipe in my arsenal or that my Halloween sugar cookies double as Easter cookies, triple as Christmas cookies, and sometimes also moonlight as Valentine’s cookies.

Though I always affectionately refer to you as “Sprinkles” when the kids are around (in much the same way I call the neighbor’s canine a “doggie”), please know that in my heart I call you by your “real” name. Nonpareils, the French for “unrivaled,” so perfectly describes your place in my pantry cupboard.

Looking forward to many more years of baking bliss!

Forever yours,
Sugar Mama

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Where to begin? Shall I start with your power to transform ordinary yogurt with berries into a "dessert" my preschoolers request night after night?

This post was written by Rosalynn Tyo exclusively for BonBon Break Media LLC.

Rosalynn Tyo is a freelance writer whose work has appeared on Scary Mommy and Mamalode. She lives in Waterloo, Ontario, with her husband, two little girls, and a growing collection of tiaras.