Classic Paleo Meatloaf

Sonia Lacasse


“Frankly, I had totally forgotten just how much I looooove meatloaf, and I now have a definite go-to, perfect everyday recipe for it. This bad boy is so crazy moist and tender and unbelievably juicy… and talk about tasty, too!

I think I want to have at least a slice per week for the rest of my life. And really, that shouldn’t be a problem, for this meatloaf is crazy easy to make! “

I’m with Sonia on this one, meatloaf is so awesome, but it’s often overlooked. Whenever it does occur to me to make it, my family loves it, so I need to remember to make it more often. As a person who rarely eats leftovers, I have to say, meatloaf is one leftover I can totally get behind. Leftover meatloaf sandwiches are the best ever!

Sonia’s got a secret ingredient to keep this meatloaf moist and tender, but meatloaf can be made in dozens of different ways depending on your flavor preferences. You could add jalapeños for a southwestern flavor, or BBQ sauce for a smokier meatloaf.  It’s a great dish to customize for your family.




Classic Paleo Meatloaf

Sonia is the seasoned home cook behind The Healthy Foodie, a healthy living blog with a strong paleo flavor. She went from overweight, heavy drinker, chain smoker and food junkie to big time health and fitness aficionado. Having recently discovered the benefits of the paleo lifestyle, she decided to fully adopt it and now cooks strictly Paleo dishes. Her blog has been her diary on this journey to health for well over 3 years now. You are welcome to flip through its pages and who knows, maybe find one or two recipes that will inspire you… Paleo or not!