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Chopstick Boxes

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Another Two of My Chopstick Box

I’m sure everyone would appreciate some extra storage where random knick knacks can be stashed in an attempt to make our homes a bit more organized, especially if you have kids. Do you have a have a spare shoe box lying around? Here is a fun idea on how to turn that shallow shoe box into a roomier and sturdier storage solution using chopsticks. Yes, you read that right, chopsticks. See how easy it is to do!

Michelle Riñosa-Sy is a Filipino home-based graphic designer and a mom who is currently exploring her newly found passion — DIY interior decorating and crafts. Join her at What Else Michelle as she documents her love/hate relationship with their house, her attempts to make her own decors as well as random stuff in life that makes her happy like traveling and cooking.  Follow Michelle on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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