Cheesy Meatball Skillet



If you’re looking for comfort food, this Cheesy Meatball Skillet from Farah of The Cooking Jar delivers the kind of flavor and warmth that will satisfy your belly and lift your spirits. The recipe won’t take you hours or leave you with a meatball storage problem either.

Farah says, “While an army of meatballs sounds like days of delicious meals, not everyone wants to stand by the kitchen counter rolling 55 meatballs in their hands. So today I’m gonna break down the batch a little and make it more single family sized, or couple-sized. Instead of giving you plain meatballs that really don’t look great all naked and stuff, I’m dressing these up with marinara sauce and cheese.”

This one-skillet meal is perfect for a cold day. Serve from the skillet or just eat right off the pan. Your family will love it!



ABOUT FARAH:  Farah features everyday real food at home with everyday ingredients you can find at grocery stores. She shares recipes that balance scratch cooking and easy preparation. Her blog, The Cooking Jar, is catered specifically to the mighty home cooks of the world: those who are tired of eating out everyday, those who want to learn how to cook, or those that already have a family to feed and want to try out new things.

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This Cheesy Meatball Skillet delivers flavor and warmth that will satisfy your belly and lift your spirits. Eat right out of the skillet! Why not?